Nonviolent Communication



10-Week Series


10-Week Series


10-Week Series


10-Week Series

January 13th - March 17th 20221

Thursdays 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm (EST/ EDT)


Have completed my Beginner 10-Week Series
(Link here)
Have at least 30 hours of training in NVC

When learning NVC - and especially when first learning NVC, many people have the dual experience that they experience and create so much meaningful connection with others who know or practice NVC, yet they have a difficult time applying it with people who don't.


It can be quite frustrating, because most of us probably became interested in Nonviolent Communication, empathy, communication skills, etc to connect with the people that we have a hard time connecting with!

Have you had this kind of experience?

"Stop doing that psych 101 stuff on me!

"I don't like your NVC thing."

"I just want you to talk normal!"

For me, it was super discouraging.

This intermediate course focuses on integrating our training so that our training doesn't show.

We can still create the kind of empathy-based connection we're used to, only in a way that we move from "doing" empathy to "being" empathic (when we want to!)

My intention is to help you move towards integrating NVC - that you can embody the tools and principles that bring you joy, while doing so in a way that is actually an extension of you, not a juxtaposition of NVC "on top of" your natural voice.


What you'll get

Join the course to learn how you can create this in your life.


10 Live Sessions

We will meet live for 10 sessions to practice empathy, consider new concepts and learn valuable skills!

Recordings of the lectures for you to revisit whenever



Each class you'll get some juicy downloadables to contribute to your learning visually

You'll have the support of a group of people who are coming together with a shared purpose



You can experiment - and be messy - as you try on new skills

Consciousness over form.

We focus on integrating the consciousness of NVC and we let the words follow from that place.

We move away from getting the "right" words, to trusting our genuine warmth and care and letting the words come naturally.


We'll explore how to naturalize our NVC practice to make it feel fluid - both to ourselves and those around us.


For me, it can be so painful to want to connect with others and to really try to (for example, by employing NVC), yet to have the opposite effect! -
"you sound fake!"

That's why I'm growing more and more passionate about cultivating ways of speaking that are truly "me" while still finding the connection that NVC offers.



Sliding Scale Tuition
($200 - $400)

**I want to make sure this course is accessible to everyone who wants to participate. To register, make a contribution that is within your integrity, taking into account both your ability and desire to contribute. Consider making a contribution greater than the minimum, if you can afford to do so, to support the sustainability and accessibility of my work ♥

For your registration to be valid, you must enter an amount between $200 and $400 when checking out on PayPal.

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Payment Plan
(3 payments of $85)

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If you'd like to join and you find the payment options would get in the way of your participation, please send me a message so we can work out a different arrangement that will work for us both ❤
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A word on money

If you find that you would like to attend and even with the payment options presented here, you'd still find yourself not attending due to financial concerns, send me a message letting me know what would help you attend.

If you're excited to participate, then I'll be excited to work with you to find a creative and flexible solution to financial logistics.

(Scholarships available)


Practical Details

  • When is the course?

    The course will be held on Thursdays, 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm (EST/ EDT), January 13th to March 17th 2022

  • What's the timezone?
  • Is this online or in person?
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I'd love to hear from you.

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