Effective Communication

2-Day Communication and Empathy Training
for corporations and groups

Based on Nonviolent Communication

I'm Eze
Life Coach & Communication Trainer

And I'm passionate about bringing people together through transforming the way they communicate.

Relationships are everything - both in and out of business. The relationships we have with others determine how well we work with them, and ultimately the experience we have at work.

The quality of our work is determined by the quality of our relationships.

The quality of our relationships is determined by the quality of our communication.

Without effective communication, we simply cannot have effective relationships and without effective relationships, effectiveness is next to impossible.

"You're not listening too slow not doing it right annoying me ."

Communication is a very sharp double-edged sword.
It can lead us into wonderful connection with others, as well as great pain.

The good news is that we can learn new ways of both speaking and listening, that can give us more of the kinds of experiences in relationships that we want.

Communication is a skill.

(It's also so much more than that - but my point here is that it's learnable.)

And great teams are founded in great communication.

I remember being intrigued for so long about the effect that communication has on our relationships.

I've experienced more than my fair share of misunderstandings and otherwise dissatisfying communication and that made me incredibly passionate about finding a way of relating that really allowed me to create connection, understanding, and ultimately, cooperation.

(And of course, like anything else, it isn't perfect, fool-proof, or a magic wand.)

Communication is a powerful skill.


In this training, you and your team will learn the powerful tools and principles that make up that skill in order to level up your listening and overall communication and help you resolve conflict, and create collaboration.


What you'll get

When communication and relationships grow, efficiency and productivity follow

Increased Efficiency

Solve Issues Faster

Less time resolving issues means more time spent on what matters for your business

Foster an atmosphere of community and "teamship"

Build Community


Plenty of visual resources and visuals to enhance your team's learning and integration

Option to record sessions for future reference



Learn to listen to what someone is really saying - the hidden message underneath their words.


Learn to speak in ways that are more likely to get your message across and less likely to trigger defenses.


Find mutual understanding and meet needs together.




Practical Details


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