Hi! My name is Eze

I help heart-centered, passionate human beings connect with their bodies, transform self-judgments and become their best, awesomest superhero selves.



I can't imagine what my life would look like right now if I hadn't started speaking with you. I owe so much in my life to you.

Isabel Mayfield

Isabel Mayfield

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Life & Relationship Coach and Communication Trainer

About Eze

I am your typical case of Engineer-Turned-LifeCoach.

Some years ago, I was well on my way to traditional Western "success," I was studying a good career, had good grades, working on my Bachelor's and my Master's simultaneously, a paid intern with a more-or-less guaranteed job, getting paid to go to school - the works - for sure, it was comfortable. Only one problem, I was miserable.

Long story short, I quit my job, left everything behind, and went to Peru in search of a Shaman...

  • Ok, so this isn't supposed to be all about me... except, it is, because it's the "About Me" section. To read more, expand this section!

    In Peru, I found my Shaman, in fact, I found 3 - a mother and two daughters - and they took me through a sacred healing ceremony. People from around the world visit Shamans such as these for their profound healing abilities, and it's easy to see why when experiencing the power of their rituals. These experiences have the power to show an individual anything they need (and this doesn't necessarily mean what they want), and with the help of these Shamans, I saw how deeply I didn't love myself (and how deeply I hated myself).

    It wasn't just that I didn't love myself, I actually despised my own Beingness. So no matter where I went, what I did, or who I was with, I was deep down miserable. Sure, sometimes I was aware of it and sometimes successfully ran away from it, but this root of suffering was there - a disconnection from my own self, let alone love for myself.

    From then, I went on to study Energy Healing, primarily in the form of Reiki. I became fascinated with healing myself, thinking that one day I could heal enough to love myself unconditionally. I began meditating, working with crystals, and doing inner child healing work.

    I decided to travel to South America again and visited several countries there, participating in spiritual healing ceremonies with Shamans in Panama and Colombia. "You can put my thoughts into words better than I can, and that's really helpful." This is something I heard during that trip and it has stayed with me since because it described a quality of my being that I had been aware of and that others had appreciated, yet it was a part of myself that I hadn't quite pinpointed.

    When I returned to the States, I had an epiphany reading the following phrase from The Quest for Wholeness: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World:

    "...H2O can appear in different forms, yet it is always the same substance. H2O appears in solid form as ice or snow, in liquid form as water, and in gaseous form as vapor or steam. Solid ice appears to be very different from the invisible water vapor, yet it is, in essence, the same. The solid body may appear very different from the invisible spirit, yet it is, in essence, the same."

    This clicked for me in such a way that prompted me to realize that I had, to some extent or another, been working with the spirit, the mind, and the emotions, in the different modalities I had been exploring, and that I needed to pursue training in working with the body.

    Enter the Florida School of Massage, or "Jedi Academy," as one of my peers informed me the school was informally called by some past attendants. During my time here, as my peers found themselves confiding in me, and as my genuine curiosity was met with their willingness to share their vulnerability, I found myself longing to be able to do "this" (whatever "this" was) for a living - to be able to help others have space to share what was really happening inside, and to make money while doing it so that I could do it more.

    Aside from being an amazing school, two important parts of my journey took place as a result of my attendance there:

    The first is that I learned of the term "Life Coach" and its corollary - "Life Coaching." At last, a name for this thing I had found myself doing, without realizing I was doing it, and wishing I could do it more. And also a name for a person that does that thing. What a relief!!

    The second thing is that I moved away from Reiki as my method of offering help to the world, and began to move away from the concept of "healing."

    My journey continued with a 10-day silent meditation retreat immediately following massage school, and various indigenous healing rituals.

    I kept searching for the ultimate healing that would grant me permission to love myself.

    And then, it happened.

    Ok, I'm being dramatic, and it's because I want to highlight how impactful this next part has been for me.

    I came into contact with an Organization called Satvatove which changed my life. They taught me nothing "new" per se, not much, anyway. That is, I learned little that I hadn't already heard before. But what was so life-changing for me, was experiencing many of the things I already knew intellectually - like that I am responsible for creating 100% of my life experience.

    If there is any one single thing that was empowered me to transform my relationship with myself more than any other, it was this - living life from a stance of 100% personal responsibility, being willing to be responsible for everything I am experiencing.

The culmination of my journey, although it continues, was the ongoing realization that what I most craved from myself is self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is my ticket into self-love, because rather than "fix" those "broken" parts of me, I simply get to offer them empathy, care, space, a voice, and this is ultimately what "love" is for me.

Rather than try to heal myself so that I'll be good enough to love, I've been able to shift into offering those harder-to-love parts of me the love they've been crying out for from the beginning. 

No, I'm not perfect at it (at all!), and I still fall into judging those aspects of myself, and guess what, I get to love that part of myself that isn't perfect either.

So now, I offer


To help people find the self-acceptance, self-empathy, and self-love I so deeply craved.


My Service Life Coaching

"What does that even mean?" you ask?

The ♥ of coaching is empathy! The way I see it, we live in a world starved of empathy. It's not any more uncommon for people to feel lonely even when they are surrounded by friends and family, than for people to feel empty even when they are surrounded by material possessions. And that's because we live to look good, be right, be perfect, and never show emotional "blemishes."

The transactional dialogue:

"How are you?"
"Good. You?"
"Oh good."

Says it all! There's no realness, no vulnerability, no humanness in that. And that's the way many of us live. We live wearing masks, trying to "be good," and impress others. We put so much energy into being a certain way to avoid rejection and attract love, only that, even if our mask earns us approval, we still feel lonely and empty inside, because deep down we know it's not us who is receiving the love, we still fear "would they love me if they knew what I really am like?"

Coaching is a space for you to show up fully as yourself. No need to impress me. No need to earn my approval. You're not paying me to compliment you or look good to me. You've got Facebook and friends for that. No, you're coming for Psychological Air. Steven Covey, the Author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, called emapthy psychological air, and he said that after physical survival, the next most important and demanding human need is what he called "psychological survival," or the experience of being validated, acknowledged, seen, understood, and even celebrated, as we are. And I agree.

Coaching is an opportunity for you to come bearing all of your uniqueness, and to be deeply seen, understood, and accepted as you are. 

I feel more heard than in seven years of seeing different psychotherapists!

If you only want to change from a place of being disgusted or furious with who you already are, in my opinion, you will have a hard time finding true and lasting change. However, if you come to accept who you, are as you already are, then you have a strong foundation to recreate yourself as you wish, because you're not pressured by trying to run away from what already is.

Another way to say this, is that if you are at home, yet you pretend that you are at your workplace, then you will never actually get there, because unless we feel the full wrath of our current emotional state of being, then we will avoid making contact with the very fuel (Emotion is Energy in Motion) that will propel us into creating something different.

So, in coaching, you have an opportunity to be real about where and who you are, right now, what it is you really want, and perhaps, most important of all, you get to take a no-shenanigans, close-up look at how come you're not living the reality you wish to be in.

I help you set yourself up to maximize your chances of creating what you want.

Cause, let's face it, we're ultimately not in control, but we sure have a whole lotta influence over what we experience and create.

Not to mention... ACCOUNTABILITY!

I mean, even if it were just this one aspect alone, how great would it be to have someone whose sole role and intention in your life is to make sure that you are

doing what you want to be doing
working towards your goals, and
keeping your word to yourself,

AND, keep you accountable to all of the things that are important to you?


Have someone in your life whose purpose is to support you in being accountable to your goals and to everything else that's important to you.


Get emotional relief by receiving the vital elixir of life - being deeply understood -

known as Empathy.


I'll help you organize your thoughts and your plans, so that your goals have a strong foundation, a precise plan, and clear action steps.


"You can put my thoughts into words better than I can, and that's really helpful."

Get clarity on what it is you're really after. Then you can pursue it full force!


Discover the source of your limiting beliefs, make deeper contact with the emotional fuel driving them, and reach higher levels of truth.

CLIENTS Who I Work With

My clients vary widely in age, location, profession, and life path, though they are generally individuals, couples, families, or groups, who genuinely care about the well being of others, who want to make a positive impact in the world, and who are willing to do the inner work required to be powerfully successful.



I work with individuals to give them deep emotional support. I offer understanding of their current life situation and experience in a way that, as one of my clients described, "when you share with me what you're understanding me share with you, somehow it helps me to get clear on how I'm really feeling."

This helps my clients resolve what's happening for them beneath their conscious surface, and it support them to find clarity on what it is they are really wanting.

Finalize, I support my clients to organize their thoughts, goals, and intentions, in a way that makes it easier for them to create the change they really want in their lives.




I help couples reach deeper levels of understanding. 

I am blessed to get to support couples in hearing one another more clearly than ever before, supporting them to dissolve the enemy images they may often hold for one another, quietly inside.

I support each partner to feel 100% understood by their dear one, especially in those "white elephant in the room" topics that are the most tender to touch.

The result is stronger, more real and intimate connections.




I work with families, too.

Families can be messy. There's multiple people, all with needs, all with goals. All with feelings. And those feelings tend to get hurt. There can be so much misunderstanding and hurt among the people we love most.

I help families slow down, step back from the assumptions that are so often, and painfully, made in these precious, close relationships, and open up to one another. This creates richer relationships with increased trust and safety.

Like in my work with couples, we include communication skills training.




What I offer for teams, groups, and organizations is somewhat different, though at the core, it's based on the same core principle - empathy.

Communication is critical to the success of business and groups. This is because both internally and externally, for any such entity to thrive, successful communication must happen among its members, and with prospective clients and partners.

The focus of my work with teams and organizations, is the development of communication skills that create not only more effectiveness and clarity at work, but only more enjoyable work environments and meaningful relationships as well.


Do You Want More Empathy? Connection? Fulfillment? Success?

I've helped dozens of individuals to create more fulfillment, joy, and success in their daily lives, and I'd love to support you too!

I was not looking to share my vulnerably with anybody not even with a lifecoach, but my vulnerability found Eze. I have been with 2 great experienced coaches in the past, and yet nothing can be compared with the way Eze listened and guided me during my most vulnerable experience of my life! I'm so thankful I got so much empathy and love from coaching with Eze. He guided me to be connected again even in the midst of my pain and shame. 100 percent recomend.

Nadia Zepeda
Nadia Zepeda

Wow, simply wow. Eze really listened to me in a way the was able to help me really get to the root of things I was looking to discover more deeply. I felt like he wasn't trying to give me advice or put his own personal opinions into the session, but rather, 100% listening and reflecting in a way that helped me realize my own truth and the answers to my questions that were laying within the whole time. I feel more ready than ever to continue this deep work and I look forward to working with Eze again in the near future. I feel this kind of work is what most other kinds of "therapy" are striving to be... not to discount them, but in working with Eze, I'd say that this gets right to the core, right to the heart of the matters... I am thankful, grateful, humbled and honored to get to work with such a heart-centered and skillful person who listens so deeply and with such care and pure authenticity. I recommend him to you if looking for any kind of life coaching, problem solving, therapy or other... Best wishes to all.

Mat Chandler
Mat Chandler

Thank you Eze!

You have facilitated a higher standard of communication and emotional literacy for myself and within my relationship 

Kristen Lutz
Kristen Lutz

Eze is brilliant, kind, intuitive, and warm. His strength is listening. His ability to remember, and redeliver what you say is a rare and remarkable skill that makes him particularly adept at guiding people toward their secret dreams and personal goals. He really hears you, and he genuinely helps you get to where you want to go. His insight has helped me identify and clarify my goals in a way that's drastically improved my quality of life.

Elise Anderson
Elise Anderson

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